Find the best PCM solution for your business

Workshop is a profitability capability assessment designed to assess client’s needs and readiness for a PCM solution. The workshop is a methodical evaluation of the client’s current costing methodologies, cost driver availability, organizational structure, operations and systems capabilities. Workshop deliverables are:

  • Definition of a PCM solution to meet business needs
  • Detailed analysis of the client’s capability to cost at a customer / product level
  • Cost driver availability and quality (ERP, CRM, etc.)
  • Recommendation of a best fit PCM solution to meet needs and readiness
  • Estimate of return on investment

In advanced PCM solutions we make use of modern activity-based costing (Time-Driven ABC) to capture and analyze the direct and indirect costs of every order line item for understanding the profitability of any product or customer. This insight enables to improve processess by indentifying bottlenecks and non-value-added activities, perform root cause analysis, manage customer and product portfolios and ultimately drive bottom-line improvements.