Drive bottom-line improvements

Most companies do not have the level of profitability insight required to make business decisions based on fact. Traditional approaches of allocating costs based on averages and fixed amounts do not capture the complexity and variability of real world business operations. Beyond gross margin, a holistic PCM solution includes trade terms and a true cost-to-serve of every channel, product and customer.


Benefits of Cost-to-Serve analysis:

  • Actionable profitability insight at the intersection of channel, product and customer
  • Indentify the consumption of resources at every stage of the supply chain
  • Achieve transparency of cost to facilitate decision making

Gain the benefits of Cost-to-Serve analysis according to your business needs:

  • Health Check – streamlined analysis and insight to channel, product and customer profitability
  • PCM Business Controller service – solution for continuous or occasional cost and profibility management
  • Performance Analyzer implementation – tool for the internal business controller team