syyskuu 18, 2015

About us

Wevision is a spin-off from Oulu University with extensive experience from Profitability and Cost Management, offering services to a wide range of businesses from clinical laboratories to financial services. With an agile approach, Wevision provides forerunner know-how on Profitability and Cost Management.

Wevision partners with class-leading Profitability and Cost Management software vendors to drive better business decisions.

Why us

Most companies do not have the level of costing and profitability insight required to make business decisions based on fact – Wevision clients do. Customers, products, channels, etc. may look profitable on a gross margin basis, but are often unprofitable when adding the true cost to serve. Identifying best and poor performers across the organization and across key business dimension, enables the identification of best practices and best strategies for profit improvement.